My Capsule Wardrobe: Fall 2017


This past weekend I switched out my capsule wardrobe.  I took all my summer clothes out of my closet, kept any pieces that I could wear in the Fall and packed everything else away.  I was really looking forward to creating my Fall capsule wardrobe because this is the first time I’ll have an all-casual capsule, and here’s why…

I left my 9-5 job at the end of July to work for myself.  I was both excited and scared about quitting my job, but I felt that it was something I needed to do.  I could either continue to work at a job where I was overstressed and responsible for way too much, or follow my heart and do what I felt I needed to be doing…being a full-time blogger, eBook author, photographer, graphics designer and helping other women create the closets of their dreams!  For the first time, I’m going to really love what I’m wearing because it’s what I want to wear, everyday.

My Fall 2017 Capsule Wardrobe - what is in it and how you can create it

Being that this is the first time having an all-casual capsule, this one didn’t come together as easily as my past capsules.  Before, I had a mix of dressy and casual and was pretty-much a no brainer about what to include in each capsule as I had created them mostly the same everytime…a couple pairs of dress pants, a skirt or two, about 3 pairs of jeans, several dressy tops, a few casual tops and layers, most of which I would wear to my job.  This time when I created my capsule wardrobe, I chose everything for my capsule, took photos and thought that it was finished.  But, I felt that a couple pairs of jeans weren’t the right tone for Fall and there were 3 tops that just didn’t look good for an all-casual capsule.  I replaced those items with ones I think will be more functional and casual.  I decided to include a few tops, bottoms and layers from both The Essential Capsule Wardrobe: Fall 2017 Collection and The French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe: Fall 2017 Collection.  Here are the two eBooks I used to create my capsule wardrobe:

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Turn 21 pieces into 100 outfits

Turn 20 pieces into 100 outfits:


So, here is my Fall 2017 Capsule Wardrobe and how it all came together.

To begin with, I emptied my closet so I would have a blank canvas to work with…

Fall 2017 Capsule Wardrobe - empty closet


I followed all my steps as usual to creating a capsule wardrobe.  If you aren’t familiar in how to create one, or need a refresher, see How To Start a Capsule Wardrobe: A 5-Step Visual Guide.

First, I selected my base color as black.  I had chose navy as my base color for my Summer capsule wardrobe, so I wanted to change it up a bit and use black.

Next, I chose my basic essentials, see How To Create a Core Closet to see key basic essentials that work well in mostly any capsule wardrobe…

Fall 2017 Capsule Wardrobe - Step 1


Then, I added a few more neutral color items…

Fall 2017 Capsule Wardrobe - Step 2

I selected my accent colors, which are olive, blush/deep rose and burgundy.  Those are my favorite accent colors for Fall!

I added items in my chosen accent colors and a few other layers

Fall 2017 Capsule Wardrobe - Step 3

In my 5-Step Visual Guide to creating a capsule wardrobe, Step 5 is to add your shoes and accessories.  Since, I want to test out my shoes and accessories to see which ones I’ll wear the most for my first all-casual capsule, I skipped this step this season.

The left side:

Fall 2017 Capsule Wardrobe - Left Side

The right side:

Fall 2017 Capsule Wardrobe - Right Side

Now, here’s what I chose for my Fall capsule wardrobe:


white tee (exact) – carried over from my Summer capsule wardrobe
ivory short sleeve chiffon top (exact) – new
tab sleeve v-neck henley (exact) – new
beige open cardigan (similar) – old
faux suede jacket (exact) – new // SHOP THESE SUEDE JACKETS
striped peplum tee (exact) – new
grey peplum tee (similar), (similar) – old
grey tee (exact), (similar) – carried over from my Summer capsule wardrobe
grey twist front fleece top (exact) – new
grey open cardigan (exact) – new
grey cashmere sleeveless cardigan (exact sold out), (similar) – new
graphic tee (mine is Hard Rock Cafe-Nashville) (love this one, and this one, and this one too) – new from a weekend trip a few weeks ago
black dolman sleeve top (similar) – old
chambray shirt (exact) – old
denim jacket (exact) , (budget) – new, a replacement c/o Shopbop // SHOP THESE DENIM JACKETS
olive twist front tee (exact) – new
olive utility vest (exact) – old
blush tee (exact) – carried over from my Summer capsule wardrobe
deep rose twist top (similar in 3/4 sleeves) – new
burgundy open cardigan (exact) – new
striped short sleeve top (exact) – old (not shown, was wearing it when I took these photos!)


burgundy jeans (similar) – old
dark wash skinny distressed jeans (exact) – new
skinny ankle raw hem jeans (exact) – carried over from my Summer capsule wardrobe // SHOP THESE RAW HEM JEANS
light wash skinny straight jeans (exact) – new
light wash raw hem skinny jeans (exact) – new
black skinny jeans (exact) – new
grey raw hem jeans DIY by me (similar) – old
olive jeans (exact) – new (not shown, was wearing it when I took these photos!)


leopard mules c/o Shopbop //  SHOP THESE ON-TREND MULES
brown ankle boots
black loafers
black ankle boots
cognac peep toe suede ankle boots
taupe suede ankle boots // SHOP THESE ANKLE BOOTS
giraffe print lace up flats

My Fall 2017 Capsule Wardrobe - clothes rack

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  1. I had a question — there are no skirts or dresses. If I were doing an all-casual wardrobe I would have at least one dress and one skirt, because I wear those to church. Surely you need something in case you have to go to a party or out somewhere. Do you not count those in your wardrobe, and if so, how do you choose how many to have? Just curious about your system and I enjoy your blog!

  2. Love the Fall capsule! So easy to pull together since I already had several pieces from previous capsules you created. I added the leopard mules, the grey twist top, and necklace. I am ready for Fall and Winter here in Florida.. Thanks for these wonderful wardrobe capsules, Leanne!

  3. Beautiful job putting your capsule together Leanne! Would love to see your modeling a few of your new outfits:)

  4. Thank you for your question Gail! Since my capsule wardrobe is what I will wear on a daily basis, I didn’t include skirts or dresses that I wear to church. I like to dress up more when I go to church, so my church clothes don’t fit in with the capsule. That brings up an idea: you could have two capsules…one for everyday wear and one for church.

  5. This is the first I’ve heard of capsule wardrobes, and I have to say: I absolutely love the simplicity of this idea! You’ve inspired me to tackle my packed-to-the-gills closet and pick out my season-appropriate core pieces, shoes, and accessories. What will I do with all the space?! Good luck with the full-time blogging: your inspiration to leave a stressful job for that freedom sounds a lot like my journey!

  6. Thank you Michelle! Having a capsule wardrobe in my closet has changed my life for the better and you will love it! Be sure to see the blog post: How To Start a Capsule Wardrobe: 5-Step Visual Guide on the menu at the top under “Popular Posts”. Also, the post, How To Create a Core Closet is helpful too.

  7. Outerwear?
    Hi Leanne-
    I purchased the French Minimalist Fall Capsule e-book and there was no outerwear (jacket, coat, etc.) recommended. I know you mentioned you live in the south so maybe that’s not necessary where you are in the fall. But I live in the Pacific Northwest and some type of jacket or coat is a must for the fall. Do you have any recommendations that would complement the French Minimalist Fall Capsule that you could post?


  8. Thank you so much for this post. I recently started a new teaching job for which I need to dress up a bit. I purchased your French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe for Fall and started wearing it this week. Previously, I had fewer items in my wardrobe (attempted a capsule wardrobe on my own,) but my items didn’t mix and match as well as I had hoped. Your capsule wardrobe e-book has been a time, sanity and money-saver!
    Furthermore, I appreciate that with this post you showed that you have added a few favorite items to your 20. Sometimes there are a few items we already have that we love that will work with the capsule wardrobe.
    One question is: how did you DIY raw hem your grey jeans? I purchased those jeans for the French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe and I would love to give them the raw hem.
    I love your service! Thank you and keep up the good work!

  9. Thanks for the capsule update. I was looking at the items and wondering if I had enough pieces. Was glad to see you added a couple pieces with color. I love this idea. I enjoyed your spring and summer capsules. It’s silly, but when I’m shopping or thinking about capsule ideas, I think I should txt Leanne Looking forward to men’s capsule. My husband doesn’t know it, but his side of closet is going to dramatically change too.

  10. Thank you Tracy! Yes, by adding items you either already have or a couple of items you want to add that you love, you can customize your capsule wardrobe. I bought my Old Navy jeans last Spring in Tall, but they were a little too long. I laid them on the floor with another pair of my jeans that were the right length and cut them the same length as my other jeans.

  11. Yes I agree! I was so excited about Fall coming because I knew I could change my capsule wardrobe!

  12. I downloaded the French minimalist e-book and put together a capsule adding burgundy and olive accents. I placed a few orders for items I don’t have, and I love that I can be focused on what to purchase. Do people typically buy a new e-book every season? I’ve just discovered your website and I do think that this is the best capsule guidance out there! I tried to do capsule before and was not successful. I still have a lot of clothing items that are seasonally appropriate but don’t go in the capsule. What should I do with those?

  13. Thank you Amy! Some buy an eBook every season and some buy one and use it as a guide to create their own each season. Since my eBooks already have the clothes and shoes selected for you, based mostly on basic essentials, and dozens of outfit ideas, some prefer to buy one every season as an alternative to an expensive personal stylist service. For your clothes that are not for the active season, you store those in bins or boxes.

  14. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Leanne for what you do! You cannot imagine how happy and relieved I am to find classyettrendy. I moved to the US from a tropical country where it’s summer all the time. I don’t have good acumen for fashion but was able to get away with not having to think carefully what to buy. Here, with the seasonal changes, I was stressing over what clothes to purchase and how to look presentable. And worrying about how to afford what I thought I needed. I chanced upon the capsule concept which is very nice. But the places I checked out didn’t appeal to me… until I found you. You have such good taste in clothes and I feel a load has been lifted off my shoulders!

    It takes courage to leave one’s job and venture out to do what you are passionate about. I’m sure you will be very happy with your decision. I wish you success!

  15. Leanne,
    So happy I found your blog. You have made clothing fun again! I used to just stare at my jammed packed closet with nothing to wear.
    I’m completing my Fall capsule. I did not see a link for purses or tote bags. What’s in? I have a lot of small to medium purses. I would like one that is trendy for the Fall/Winter.

    Thank yoU!

  16. Thank you for your comment! I didn’t include purses or tote bags since they are not part of my capsule wardrobe, but just accessories. Although, I’ll be sharing which accessories I wear with my outfits here on the blog and on Instagram.

  17. Thank you Dai! As for as purses for the Fall, crossbody bags, hobo bags and totes are popular right now.

  18. Great post and one I will keep following! SO many people now work from home (thank you, stupid gig economy!) that I’ve been looking and looking for a capsule that is work-from-home casual but still has potential for the occasional meeting. I was actually eyeing your Stay At Home Mom ebook, but chose instead to do a hybrid Essential Capsule and French Minimalist Capsule…now by cross referencing with this one, I think I have all my bases covered. Keep it up! Can’t wait to see winter! Meanwhile, I was going to buy the leopard mules but saw they also came in a brocade, so I ordered both knowing I would return one. For me, the brocade is right. I double checked that it would work equally well as the leopard against the outfits, and it does. I’m so excited…my personal style is starting to come through! Thank you!

  19. Glad to know I’m on the right track with two separate capsules: one for school (work) and one for church! I have jean skirts included in my everyday wear capsule…

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