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Spring is a favorite time to shop for shoes!  As Spring weather approaches and the temps start to warm up, we are anxiously ready to bring out the lightly colored pumps, mules, sneakers and wedges.

Great colors to wear in the Spring are light tans, beiges and pastels, especially pinks.  White mules like these Gucci dupes have made their debut this Spring and are very popular.  Pastel colored shoes have made a comeback this year, and you can find them in several styles of shoes, like these budget-friendly soft loafers and these budget-friendly pink pointy toe mules.

Sneakers are essential to an Athleisure outfit and jeans too, like these flyknit lux sneakers and these quilted sneakers in beige, black and gray.  If you are wanting a unique sneaker, these VANELi Odar lace up open sneakers will make you do a double-take since they are adorable!

Spring Shoe Edit

If you are having Spring temps where you live, you will like wearing these budget-friendly espadrille peep-toe sandals which will also transition into Summer.  And, these espadrille platform wedge sandals are already popular among bloggers this Spring!

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Here’s a few shoe styles that are popular for the Spring:

Pumps & Flats



Wedge Sandals

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  1. Just wanted to share with you that I bought the Athleisure wardrobe the day it came out. Ordered as much of the pieces I could from Nordstrom. I received my box last night and it felt so amazing to purge my closet and hang up all of my new stuff. I consider this a a great investment for the long run as I noticed there wasn’t too many new items from the winter to spring Athleisure wardrobe. I really look forward to seeing my closet minimalize and transform as I start investing in good, quality, simple pieces that I can wear with anything. Once I started this whole process it really makes purging clothes a lot easier. I going to do a little experiment and see if anyone notices that I’m wearing the same pieces over and over again. I also love downsizing my closet because I have less laundry to do. I have a small basket in my bedroom and every time it filled to the top I do laundry (about every 3 days). Previously, I would let me laundry pile become overflowing and would have to spend a whole day doing laundry once a week!

  2. Thank you Ashley for your comment! When I’m planning each season’s capsule wardrobe, I make sure to include a majority of pieces that you can use in multiple seasons, which in turns saves us money! I agree that to get the most wear, you need to invest in quality items.

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