Summer 2018 10×10 Challenge


It’s time for another 10×10 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge, the #summer10x10!  This is my 4th time participating in the #10x10challenge.  The first one I did was last Spring (see the Spring 10×10 Challenge here).   I also shared all 10 of my outfits in this 10×10 Challenge: What I Wore In 10 Days post.  Check out what I wore in all the challenges here.

My fellow capsule wardrobe bloggers who originated the 10×10 challenge are Lee, from Stylebee, and Caroline, from Un-Fancy.  I’m glad they started the 10×10 challenge as it gives me a chance to test out my seasonal capsule wardrobes!  You can see what Lee from Stylebee will be wearing in her Summer10x10 Challenge.

What Is The 10×10 Challenge?

The 10×10 Challenge #summer10x10 #10x10friends consists of 10 items that is to be worn 10 ways in 10 different outfits.  You can include either clothes and shoes or clothes only.  By limiting the number of items to just 10, you can discover which items in your wardrobe are the most functional and are you favorites.  It is a way to test your wardrobe to see how all the items coordinate with one another.  This “mini capsule wardrobe” is how a full capsule wardrobe works.

Summer10x10 2018 - 1 - #summer10x10

How The 10×10 Challenge Works

  1. Check the weather to see what the temperature will be for the next 10 days, so you can see how to dress.  Where I live we’re due to hot and humid summer temperatures, so I’m including all short sleeves, shorts and sandals.
  2. Pick 10 items from your closet based on your activities for the next 10 days.  Items could include tops, jeans, layers (optional), pants, skirts and shoes.  Adding shoes as 10×10 items are optional.  If you want to just have clothes as your 10×10 and be free to choose what shoes to wear, that is ok.  Don’t include accessories, handbags or jewelry.  You can add those items as needed to complete your 10×10 challenge outfits.
  3. Wear just those 10 items, in 10 different outfits, for the next 10 days.  That’s it!

10x10 Challenge - Summer 2018 #summer10x10

When To Start The Challenge

I started the challenge Saturday, a day after Lee, from Stylebee and Caroline, from Un-Fancy started their challenge.  See all my #summer10x10 posts on Instagram!  You can start your 10×10 challenge anytime!  Feel free to use the hashtag #summer10x10 on your social media accounts.


Summer10x10 2018 - 2 - #summer10x10

I took 10 items from my Summer 2018 Capsule Wardrobe for this 10×10 Challenge.  My capsule wardrobe is mostly a combination of the French Minimalist and the Essential capsule wardrobe eBooks, with a few items that I already had in my wardrobe.  I created my capsule wardrobe using all my knowledge of capsule wardrobes you can find in the eBooks, Simplified Style: A Year-Round Core Closet Essentials Capsule Wardrobe and The Essential Capsule Closet: The Complete Capsule Wardrobe Guide.


CLICK HERE to get your copy today!

Simplified Style - A Year-Round Core Closet Essentials Capsule Wardrobe

Summer10x10 2018 - 3 - #summer10x10

What Items To Include In Your 10×10 Challenge

I recommend using mostly Core Closet Essentials with a Base Color (like black or navy) in your 10×10 Challenge Wardrobe.  By using a base color with mostly neutral colors, all the items will coordinate well, giving you 10 outfits.  I used Navy as the base color and Gray, White/Ivory, Blue and Blush as the other colors.

What’s In My 10×10 Challenge

Since I work from home, my clothes style is casual, so my challenge wardrobe is all casual.  I took 8 tops and bottoms from my Summer 2018 Capsule Wardrobe and added 2 pairs of shoes to make 10 items.

See what I’m wearing for 10 days on Instagram @classyyettrendy


Here’s what is in my Summer 10×10 wardrobe:

Summer10x10 2018 - 1 - #summer10x10

Clothes (left to right):

denim shorts
navy scallop shorts
white twill shorts
blue sleeveless top
chambray ruffle sleeve top
ivory linen Alta top (sustainably & ethically made) #onlychildclothing
striped tee
blush “caio” tee (similar)


Mai sandal in “tan leather”
Miller sandal in “makeup”

Shop The Post:


Summer10x10 2018 - 7 - #summer10x10

Are you participating in the #summer10x10 challenge?  If so, what items do you have in your 10×10 wardrobe?

Summer 10x10 2018 Challenge



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  1. So you’re not changing clothes if you’re going out for dinner? Looks like a fun challenge.

  2. Patricia, this is what I’ll be wearing during the day for 10 days. If we decide to eat somewhere nice, of course I may change into a dressy outfit. I’ll have to hint to my husband for us to go out to dinner!

  3. I keep thinking I’ll join one of these, but for whatever reason, never do. I love that you’re adding sustainable clothes into the mix (the Alta top has the link to the chambray shirt by mistake). I’ll be looking forward to your 10 outfits.

    On a side note, I hope your daughter is doing good, feeling good!

  4. I have an idea for a different challenge. I tend to wear the same clothes — a lot! So, when you’re done with your 10×10 challenge, keep those clothes OUT of your closet. That will make you wear the rest of your wardrobe and see if there’s a reason you don’t wear them as much (fit, color, style, your lifestyle). Just another way to make you think about your capsule wardrobe and if it needs any tweaks.

  5. Teresa,

    I love the look of sustainable/ethically made clothes as they are a relaxed, yet modern style. I have a top from Elizabeth Suzann, Only Child and Amour Vert and enjoy wearing them. My daughter is doing well. She is in the “resting period” before she starts her next round of chemo in a couple of weeks.

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