My 30-Piece Spring 2021 French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe

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See everything in my own Spring 2021 capsule wardrobe, including mostly-neutral color tops, bottoms, layers and shoes, based on the French Minimalist Spring 2021 Capsule Wardrobe eBook. Also, see how I customized the capsule to fit my lifestyle.

For those of you that are readers of the Classy Yet Trendy blog, you know that I have been using a capsule wardrobe in my closet for several years. I absolutely love using a capsule wardrobe every season and I look forward to wearing my favorite clothes and shoes in my closet. I am so passionate about capsule wardrobes that I made it my full-time job to not only blog about capsule wardrobes, but create seasonal capsule wardrobes for women all over the world! They are available in the Capsule Wardrobe eBook Store.

If you are a reader of this blog, you know that I create my own personal capsule wardrobe every season and share them here on the blog (here are all of my previous capsules from my own closet). To create my personal capsule wardrobes, I “shop my closet” first, then shop at retailers for any pieces I need.

For my own personal Spring 2021 capsule wardrobe, I am using the French Minimalist Spring 2021 Capsule Wardrobe, along with a few extra pieces. I customized the French Minimalist Spring 2021 capsule to fit my lifestyle. I omitted the skirts in the capsule and added more pants and jeans. I work at home everyday, so I wear casual style outfits. I LOVE wearing neutral colors in classic and timeless styles, but I do like to wear light blue and blush colors occasionally.

30-Piece Spring 2021 French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe

How Did I Customize This Capsule Wardrobe For My Lifestyle?

I included mostly all the pieces in the French Minimalist Spring 2021 Capsule Wardrobe, but customized the capsule to fit my lifestyle. Since I work at home, I wear pants and jeans everyday. I omitted a few pieces and added other pieces to the capsule.

Pieces I omitted from the capsule:

  1. pencil skirt
  2. midi skirt
  3. black blouse
  4. black blazer
  5. tan moto jacket
  6. black pumps

Pieces I added to the capsule:

  1. beige open cardigan
  2. beige short sleeve sweater
  3. white blouse
  4. denim jacket
  5. blue pattern blouse
  6. khaki chinos pants
  7. dark wash straight crop jeans
  8. dark wash skinny jeans
  9. black skinny jeans
  10. white casual sneakers
  11. leopard pattern mules
  12. cognac mules
  13. black flats

What’s In My French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe?

Here’s everything in my own French Minimalist Spring Capsule Wardrobe…

My French Minimalist Spring 2021 Capsule Wardrobe - closet
My French Minimalist Spring 2021 Capsule Wardrobe - closet side
My French Minimalist Spring 2021 Capsule Wardrobe - closet closeup

Here is my Spring capsule wardrobe on my clothes rack…

My French Minimalist Spring 2021 Capsule Wardrobe - clothes rack

Tops & Layers

Here are the tops and layers in my capsule…

My French Minimalist Spring 2021 Capsule Wardrobe - tops and layers

Tops & Layers – Left To Right:

black puff sleeve top (similar ribbed style) / also love this one! – I bought this last year from Amazon, loved wearing it last year so much that I included it in my Spring capsule. It is a jersey material, so it is super soft and holds its shape well.

stripe short sleeve tee (exact) – This has got to be my most favorite striped tee! I bought this exact one in the navy stripes (more of a dark indigo) when I first started blogging a few years ago and I have worn it so much that I needed to replace it. They are now making it in the “black/white” color, so I bought that one this past week. This striped tee is a “breton” style, which according to an article on Feraggio, “The Breton stripe shirt was first introduced in 1858 as the uniform for all French navy seaman in Northern France. The original design featured 21 stripes, one for each of Napoleon Bonaparte’s victories and the distinctive stripes made it easier to spot wayward sailors who had fallen overboard.” A bit of history of the top there for ya!

striped sweater (exact) / also like this slim-fit sweater – This is new to my closet this year. I have been wanting a striped sweater for a few months and this one is SO soft. This is a boyfriend-style sweater, which means it is a slightly wide fit, so I ordered a size smaller than my usual size and it fits great.

blue floral pattern blouse (exact) – This is a gem of a top, in that it is a gorgeous pattern and is budget-friendly. Old Navy has some pretty pattern tops this Spring and I just love this blue floral one.

chambray blouse (exact) – This is a gorgeous top and is soft since it is made with Tencel fabric. I highly recommend this one!

blue striped button-down shirt (exact) – I have been wanting to add a blue striped button down shirt to my closet for a while and found one a few weeks ago that I really like. This one is so soft and the stripes are small.

denim jacket (exact) / also love this one – I bought this denim jacket last year and I just love the denim wash on it.

white short sleeve tee (exact) – If the perfect tee exists, then this one could be it, in my opinion! This tee is made of modal/elastane so it drapes well, resists wrinkles and keeps its shape. This one comes in white, black and navy. I have it in the white and black colors. I wish they made it in more colors!

clip pleated white blouse (exact) – This top is new to my closet. I have been looking for a top like this for a while now and when I was out shopping a couple weeks ago I tried this one one (see it in the try-on session blog post) and fell in love with it! This poet-style blouse is so feminine and drapes well.

white button-down shirt (exact) – Use code “LEANNEBLACKMON” at checkout for $25 off your order of regular price items at You can’t go wrong with a classic and timeless white button-down shirt! This one is their “liquid lyocell” shirt, with a silk-like fabric and is machine washable.

beige short sleeve sweater (exact) – I bought this top last year and loved wearing it, so I added to my Spring capsule. You can see how it fits in this try-on session blog post. It is so soft too since it is made with a Tencel/silk machine washable fabric.

beige v-neck button cardigan (exact) – V-neck button cardigans have been popular for several months and I found one that is gorgeous! I love the textured stitching and the front pockets. I ordered a medium and it fits perfectly. I look forward to having this in my closet for years to come.

beige open cardigan (similar) – This is an oldy-but-goody cardigan from Loft that I have had for several years. It is a lightweight style so you can easily wear it as a layer in the Spring or Fall.

ivory linen blazer (same style, different color) – I bought this one last year in the ivory color. I haven’t had a blazer in my capsule wardrobe before, so I’m trying it with this capsule.

beige trench coat (similar) – This is a classic and timeless piece that instantly dresses up any outfit. I have had mine for a couple of years and like to wear it out running errands or going shopping when there is a chill in the air, but not cold enough to wear a coat.

Shop The Tops & Layers:

The Bottoms

Here are the pants and jeans in my capsule…

My French Minimalist Spring 2021 Capsule Wardrobe - bottoms

Bottoms – Left To Right:

white crop flare jeans (exact) – I have had these jeans in my closet for a couple of years. They are a straight leg with a raw hem and flare slightly at the hem.

beige ankle pants (exact) – These pants are new to my closet. A beige pair of pants will go with almost any top and I love the “fawn” color, which is a good neutral beige color. These pants can be dressy or casual, so they work well in a capsule wardrobe.

khaki chinos pants (exact) – These pants are also new to my closet. These are by default a casual style of pants, but you could dress them up a bit with a blouse and heels. I’ll be wearing my casually with either flats or sneakers. My pants are the “sand castle” color, which makes me think of the beach!

Medium Wash Slim Straight Jeans (exact) – I had read great reviews of these jeans from other fashion bloggers so I ordered a pair to try on. They were right! These Agolde jeans are SO GOOD! They remind me of a lot of Levis but are slightly stretchy, so they move a bit with you and aren’t stiff.

Dark Wash Straight Crop Jeans (exact) – When I was at Loft a couple of weeks ago for my try-on session blog post, I saw these jeans and thought I would try them on. I wasn’t expecting to like these jeans, but they fit so perfectly, I had to buy them!

Dark Wash Skinny Jeans (exact) – Yes, skinny jeans are still “in” but straight jeans have gained popularity this year. In my opinion, the two best jeans to wear are a slim-straight and skinny, since they will look great with nearly every top in your closet. I love the Wit & Wisdom brand and these jeans are one of my favorites.

Black Florence Skinny Jeans (exact) – I have had these jeans for several years and as many times as I have worn and washed them, they still look new. They are an investment-priced jean and they have outlasted some cheaper brands I have purchased.

Black Pants (exact, limited sizes)/ also love these pants – I love wearing pants that are stretchy and are easy to move around in and are versatile so you can wear them casually or dressy. I linked a similar pair since the sizes are limited in my exact pair.

Shop The Bottoms:

The Shoes

I added these shoes to my closet in my Spring capsuel wardrobe…

My French Minimalist Spring 2021 Capsule Wardrobe - shoes

Back Row – Left To Right:

black d’orsay flats (exact) – I bought these flats last year and love wearing them! The d’orsay style shape gives this flat a dressy look, so they will elevate the look of your casual outfits.

Gucci Brixton Black Loafers (exact) / also love these loafers! – These Gucci loafers were a splurge but I have always wanted a pair so I just bought them and am so glad I did. There was no break-in time as these Gucci loafers were comfortable right out of the box. I wore them out running errands the other day. They never hurt my feet and were comfy the whole time. If you want the look of a Gucci loafer but for less of a price, these Sam Edelman loafers are a nice dupe alternative and of course I always recommend the Sam Edelman brand for both style and comfort!

Vaneli cap toe slingback Chanel-inspired pumps (exact) / also love these – Another shoe I have always loved the look of is the Chanel cap toe slingback pumps. I knew I wouldn’t be wearing this shoe as much as the loafers, so I wanted more of a budget-friendly shoe. I spent some time researching this style of shoe and found these Vaneli cap toe slingback Chanel-inspired pumps. They have great reviews and many women who bought them said they are comfortable. They were right! They fit so good right out of the box and are comfy.

Meg ballet flats in “soft beige leather” color (exact) – After wearing the Sam Edelman Felicia flats for several years, I needed another pair of beige flats because I wore them out. Without hesitation I bought another pair of Sam Edelman ballet flats, this Meg style that is new this year. The Meg ballet flats feel almost exact to the Felicia flats, but the Meg is a bit more dressy with the square toe, so they will look great with dresses and pants.

Front Row – Left To Right:

White Sidewalk Sneakers (exact) So comfy! / also love these sneakers! – I bought these sneakers last year and enjoyed wearing them. So, I added them to my Spring capsule. I have also heard these sneakers are comfy too.

Leopard pattern mules (exact) – I pulled out these budget-friendly $24.99 mules again this year and look forward to wearing them again. These are surprisingly comfortable for a $24.99 shoe!

Cognac leather mules (exact) – I have had these mules for a few years and still love them. The sizes are limited on my exact shoes, but I also like these Frances Mules and they have great reviews.

Shop The Shoes:

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I hope you enjoyed seeing everything in my Spring 2021 capsule. Thank you for visiting the blog!

Are you using a capsule wardrobe in your closet?
Are you using the French Minimalist Spring 2021 capsule wardrobe?

My French Minimalist Spring 2021 Capsule Wardrobe - tops layers bottoms
My French Minimalist Spring 2021 Capsule Wardrobe - clothes rack side

A Bit Of Inspiration For Your Day:

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  1. This is very helpful to me. I purchased the French Minimalist Spring Capsule. It is always my favorite wardrobe, but I don’t need the dressier items and I struggle with substitutions. I tried the SAHM and the Teacher, but they aren’t really my style and I love all neutrals so I really wanted to make the FM work for me this time. I love this. Thank you

  2. Thanks for this, but would you also show how to put different outfits together? That’s the real inspiration for me 🙂
    Thank you!

  3. Hi how does it work??I see you have links to items in the wardrobe but where do you see the coordinated outfits? When you purchase the ebook?

  4. Hi Sharon! This is my own personal capsule wardrobe, so I don’t have outfits for it, but it is based on the French Minimalist Spring 2021 eBook available in the eBook Store.

  5. Hi! I always found you very inspiring, and I like to follow your posts. I have never purchased any book, because the links are mostly in the US, and thus don’t ship to Europe.

  6. Leanne, This may be a odd question but what do you do with your previous capsules? Do you keep all those clothes and continue to use them? Do they carry over to your new capsules? The answer to this question would be very helpful to me. Thank you!

  7. Thank you so much for this post! Unfortunately, I am not able to get the coupon code to work for the Grayson button-down. Any ideas?

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