How To Create A Classic Wardrobe

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Do any of these sound familiar?

When it comes to creating outfits, are you lost? 

Are you overwhelmed when shopping for clothes?

Do you buy too many clothes and shoes?

Do you have a closet full of clothes but can never find anything to wear?

If any of those questions sound familiar, I use to feel the same way!  First of all, I didn’t know what kind of clothes to buy.  I just bought what I liked, not thinking if it would match anything else in my closet.  If I saw a top or a pair of pants with a pretty pattern, I bought them.  I also bought too many trendy clothes.  One day, I realized I had too many clothes in my closet…it was a mess!  My closet was stuffed with clothes and shoes, so much so, that it took me forever to get dressed in the mornings.

That all changed when discovered a “capsule wardrobe”.  I decided to research more about it and test it out on my closet.  It took me several months to get the hang of it, to find out what clothes worked and which ones I needed to avoid.  You see, when I started a capsule wardrobe, there was information about it on the internet, but I spent hours researching about them and months testing the capsule wardrobe concept.

Three years later, I’ve perfected the capsule wardrobe system.  In 2015, I published my first capsule wardrobe eBook, and from then on, have helped 1,000’s of women streamline their closets and get dressed quickly everyday!

What you may not know, is that if you have several Core Closet Essentials in your wardrobe, you have 100’s of outfit possibilities!

Those core closet essentials are considered “classics” which never go out of style and are the building blocks of your wardrobe.  If you have those basic essentials in your closet, you can use just those items to create many outfits.  Or, you can add just a few trending clothes and shoes in your favorite accent colors to create even more outfit possibilities.

Simplified Style clothes on rack - closeup

What’s fabulous about having a classic capsule wardrobe is that once you have those essentials, you don’t have to buy any more clothes.  You can just use those clothes and shoes for a year-round wardrobe, thus saving you $100’s or $1,000’s by not having to buy any more clothes!

By using a Classic Capsule Wardrobe, you can save $100’s and even $1,000’s on clothes and shoes!




My eBook, Simplified Style: A Year-Round Core Closet Essentials Capsule Wardrobe includes a complete wardrobe plan of core closet essentials so you can have a Classic Capsule Wardrobe!  Plus, there are over 400 outfit ideas for all 4 seasons of the year, so you’ll always know what to wear.

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Simplified Style - A Year-Round Core Closet Essentials Capsule Wardrobe

How To Create a Classic Wardrobe

Tops & Bottoms

For the tops, focus on solid color clothes in neutral colors, like black, white, gray, beige and denim blue.  I recommend having short sleeve tees and long sleeve tees in black, white and gray in a fitted style.  You can wear these in your casual outfits and in your work outfits too.  Add a short sleeve and long sleeve chambray shirt, which gives your wardrobe a touch of color, while still being neutral.  Be sure to add a couple of blouses that you can wear casually or dressy.  Also, add a short sleeve and long sleeve striped tee.  Even though stripes are a pattern, the simplicity of the pattern remains neutral and can be worn with many other pieces in your wardrobe.

For the bottoms, jeans are a staple.  Always have a pair of blue jeans and black pants in your wardrobe.  Other jeans you can add are gray and white.  Denim shorts, black twill shorts and beige twill shorts are great to wear in the summer.  Complete your bottoms by adding a few skirts, like a pencil skirt, a gray skirt and a midi skirt.

Get your complete list of tops and bottoms, with budget and investment shopping links in the eBook, Simplified Style: A Year-Round Core Closet Essentials Capsule Wardrobe.  

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Layers & Dresses

Layers are essential throughout most of the year, except in the extreme warm months.  They not only provide warmth, but also add interest to your outfits.  Classic layers that are always in style are a denim jacket, beige cardigan, trench coat and a leather jacket.  Be sure to add a little black dress to your wardrobe that is simple enough to wear casually with flats or dress up with pumps.

Get your complete list of tops and bottoms, with budget and investment shopping links in the eBook, Simplified Style: A Year-Round Core Closet Essentials Capsule Wardrobe.  

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When adding shoes to your wardrobe, the most functional ones are black pumps, black flats, casual sneakers, brown sandals and black ankle boots.  For the cold months, you’ll want to wear a pair of brown riding boots as well.

Get your complete list of tops and bottoms, with budget and investment shopping links in the eBook, Simplified Style: A Year-Round Core Closet Essentials Capsule Wardrobe.  

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Add Accessories

To complete your outfits, I recommend having 2 (or more) handbags in your wardrobe.  A classic black structured bag like this one is perfect for your dressy outfits and a brown tote or nude crossbody will be just as functional for your casual outfits.  Add a simple bar necklace and a bandana scarf too!


For the complete wardrobe plan, which includes all these clothes, shoes and accessories, plus Over 400 Outfit Ideas, with budget and investment shopping links, grab your copy of the eBook, Simplified Style: A Year-Round Core Closet Essentials Capsule Wardrobe!

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  1. This post is exactly what I need. I’ve been trying to simplify my wardrobe for months and for the life of me couldn’t figure out where I was going wrong. So thank you. This will make my life much easier.

  2. Great post, thank you!! The hardest part for me is still shoes. I’ve gotten to the point of just wanting what I need but still feel overwhelmed with all the different colors, styles…

  3. This post was to aptly timed. I started putting way some more summer things and getting out colder weather clothes. I got totally overwhelmed! I’ve been whittling down my wardrobe for over a year now and love a smaller group to choose from. Do you have an ideal number/range that you have found works for people?

  4. Thank you Jenifer! As I mention in The Essential Capsule Closet eBook, a guide to build a custom capsule wardrobe, a good number of clothes and shoes for a seasonal capsule is 22-35 and a year capsule is 50-65.

  5. Thank you Christine! Choosing shoes can get a bit overwhelming as there are so many types and colors.

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