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Today’s post is all about the best blog themes.  While it’s not directly related to the subjects of Classy Yet Trendy (fashion, beauty and lifestyle), a well-designed blog theme is important to a blogger.  If you’re a reader of fashion, style and beauty blogs, you notice how beautiful most of these blogs look.  They have a great layout, beautiful colors and all the design elements help make the photos pop off the screen.  Without a good blog design, blogs would look b-o-r-i-n-g.  If you are already a blogger, or are thinking about starting a blog, read on to find out how easy it is to have a beautiful blog…

When I first started Classy Yet Trendy, I was on the Blogger platform.  I bought my Blogger theme from 17th Avenue and installed the Olivia Ryan theme.  The design was simple and beautiful and was easy to install.

When Classy Yet Trendy’s pageviews increased significantly, I needed a more robust platform, so I decided to convert to WordPress.  I spent hours researching to find a blog theme for the WordPress platform.  Since I just had a blog, the first theme I installed was the Lucy & Lane theme from  It’s a well-designed theme and I recommend it for it’s functionality and customization features.

In the Winter of 2015, I wrote my first E-Book, “The Essential Capsule Wardrobe: Winter 2016 Collection” in the Capsule Wardrobe E-Book Series.  After the success of the first E-Book, I knew I needed a blog theme that would work for both a blog and a full website with e-commerce.  I’m now using the Tickled Pink theme from Restored316.  This was the easiest theme I’ve installed and customized.

I’ve also used a couple of food-based blogs for my food blog, Urban Girl Bakes, which is still live, but I’m not actively posting on it.  The blog theme I’m using for it is the Foodie Pro Theme.  I’ve also used the Divine Theme too.

Since I’ve been blogging for 2 years now and also have a college degree in computer information systems, I have an extensive knowledge of computers, blogging and the Blogger and WordPress platforms.  If you’re thinking about starting a blog and don’t know where to begin, I’ve been in your shoes.  If you need help starting a blog or installing/designing your blog, let me know and I’ll be glad to help.  I don’t have a services page yet, but ask and I’ll let you know.

Here are the top 20 blog themes for the WordPress platform.  You could customize these for fashion, style, beauty, food and photography websites.  All are customizable, meaning that you can change the colors and make minor changes to the layout.

If you want to start a blog, find out how easy it is with my Start A Blog In 3 Easy Steps tutorial:

How To Start a Blog in 3 Easy Steps


Classy Yet Trendy is with Bluehost.  

I highly recommend hosting your blog or website with Bluehost!

1. Glam Theme


Glam WordPress blog theme



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Turn 26 pieces into 95 outfits

The French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe Fall 2016 cover

2. Tickled Pink Theme (I use this one for Classy Yet Trendy)

Tickled Pink Restored316 Theme



3. Dainty Theme

Dainty WordPress blog theme




4. Chanel Theme

Chanel WordPress blog theme



5. Lucy & Lane Theme

Lucy & Lane WordPress blog theme




6. Oleander Theme

Oleander WordPress blog theme



7. Olivie Theme

Olivie WordPress blog theme


8. Rachel Theme

Rachel WordPress blog theme



9. Marilyn Theme

Marilyn WordPress blog theme




10. Pretty Chic Theme

Pretty Chic WordPress blog theme



11. Isabelle Theme

Isabelle WordPress blog theme



12. Jacqueline Theme

Jacqueline WordPress blog theme



13. Jane Theme

Jane WordPress blog theme


The next few blog themes are excellent choices for your food/recipe blogs,
but also function beautifully as fashion and beauty blogs.


14. Divine Theme

Divine WordPress blog theme


15. Savory Theme

Savory WordPress blog theme



16. Tasteful Theme

Tasteful WordPress blog theme


17. Foodie Pro Theme

Foodie Pro Theme



18. The Daily Dish Theme

The Daily Dish WordPress blog theme




The last two themes are excellent choices for a photography/wedding services blog/website,
but can also function beautifully as fashion and beauty blogs.


19. Bloom Theme

Bloom WordPress blog theme



20. Faithful Theme

Faithful WordPress blog theme



And that’s the BEST WordPress blog themes (in my opinion)!  I just had to share these with you all, so if you’re looking to change the look of your blog, or even start a blog these themes are excellent choices!




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  1. I do really like the Isabelle theme. I like a customized look though, something that is specific to that blog. Maybe that’s why I make my own using highly customizable themes 🙂

  2. Found your post through the Monday Madness linkup.. thank you for sharing! I just started a real food and natural living blog, and have been looking for a decent theme. I don’t have the money to pay for a theme yet, but I’m pinning your post because I soon as I do, I’m going to need good suggestions! In the meantime, do you have any tips for free themes that work well with food? I’m using the 2016 wordpress theme right now, and I don’t like the fact that you have to scroll down to the latest post. If you want to check out my site, it’s

  3. Thanks for highlighting some of these themes. I’m using Foodie Pro (see it at and I’ve been very pleased with it. Minimalist Baker has a great set of video tutorials for this theme too. I went with Foodie Pro as a first-time novice so it’s pretty user friendly. I’m still working on graphics, etc., but I haven’t found too many limitations at this point.
    Again, thanks for a great post!

  4. These are beautiful! I’m definitely going to pin this so when I’m ready to make the switch I can can use one of these. I love that they’re modern and elegant. I’m stumbling this too.

  5. These are delightful! I’m certainly going to stick this so when I’m prepared to do the switch I can utilize one of these. I adore that they’re cutting edge and rich. I’m faltering this as well.

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