Introducing…The E-Book Affiliate Program!

The Classy Yet Trendy Affiliate Program has been discontinued.

Several of you have asked if I have an affiliate program, where you can help sell the Capsule Wardrobe E-Books.  Last year, I had an affiliate program for a few months, but the payment processor I was using at the time was unreliable.  I canceled the affiliate program when I stopped using that payment processor.  I tried another payment processor, but that one didn’t work like it should either.  I tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to my website.  I want things to work smoothly as they should and for my e-book customers to be happy!

Now, I’m with SendOwl and it works like a charm!  They also have an affiliate program that’s easy to use.  So, I’m introducing the official e-books affiliate program!



The commission is 40% per e-book sold (using your affiliate link)!

Here are two of the sample ads for the French Minimalist Fall 2016 e-book:

300 x 300


600 x 400 size


This is how it works:

You can grab any of the ads from the Affiliate Page and place on your website, in your e-mail, or wherever you are online (no spam please).  Link the ad(s) to your affiliate link and start raking in the commissions each time it sells!  You won’t be selling the actual e-books, those are copyrighted to me, BUT you will be earning a 40% commission everytime someone is referred by you and buys and e-book in the Classy Yet Trendy E-Book Store!

CLICK HERE to go to the Affiliate Page


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