Mad About Plaid

The plaid pattern has been around for ages.  The plaid pattern originated from Scotland, as it was worn over the shoulder or on a kilt.  In the fashion world, it’s a pattern that has been around for a long time as well.  There are several styles of the pattern, as defined in this article by Town and Country.  Probably the most well-known pattern is the tartan.

Plaid seems to make a comeback every year in the Fall.  The most popular way to wear the pattern is on a plaid shirt.  There are so many colors out there it will make your head spin.  Nordstrom has several styles of plaid tops, especially these trendy plaid topsThis pintuck plaid top would be versatile for a capsule wardrobe, as you could wear it to work with a skirt or pants, or wear it casually with jeans and a blazer or cardigan.  It comes in Plus-size tooThis plum plaid top (also in red/black combo) would also work in a capsule wardrobe, as it can be worn underneath cardigans, blazers and jackets.  J Crew always releases a navy plaid shirt every year and this year’s version is so pretty!  It is a combination of black and navy with a touch of red.  This plaid shirt can be worn in so many ways: by itself, under a cardigan, underneath a sweater, with a jacket or a blazer.  Plus, you can dress it up or wear it casually.  Being that it’s J Crew, it’s a bit pricey, but a good investment as you can get lots of wear from this one!  If you like the plaid pattern, but don’t want to wear a bold plaid, this light grey plaid shirt is for you.

Mad About Plaid

Collage Details:

1. red plaid scarf
2. J Crew navy shirt
3. black/white fringe vest
4. Burberry look-alike scarf
5. plaid cape
6. blush/black/tan scarf
7. red plaid pintuck shirt (plus-size option) also comes in blue plaid

If you are on a budget and are needing a plaid shirt, this classic soft-washed plaid shirt comes in 10 colors and is currently on sale for under $25!  There are 2 colors in the Plus-size.  There is also a boyfriend plaid flannel shirt; the “white and blue” color is gorgeous and is on sale for $22!  They also have a plaid pullover dress that comes in 4 colors and is under $37; the black windowpane color comes in plus-sizes too!  I also like Target’s plaid shirts.  This berry color plaid shirt caught my eye.  These plus-size shirts in a white/brick combo color and black windowpane shirt are good additions to your capsule wardrobe.

For an investment plaid shirt, Rails is a good brand. I don’t have one, but I have seen them in person in Nordstrom.  Their shirts are well made, have quality fabric and the colors are gorgeous.  This cherry/navy/white shirt is a classic and is currently on sale.  This Rails hunter plaid shirt comes in 13 colors!

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Plaid scarves are popular to wear this time of year too!   This Sole Society plaid scarf makes a comeback again this year.  This scotch plaid scarf will add a bit of color to your outfits.  And, here’s a Burberry dupe scarf for under $50!

Here’s a few plaid items I found that you may like!

Plaid Shirts


Plus-size Plaid Shirts




Ponchos and Wraps


Blazers and Vests



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  1. Hi LeeAnn
    I’m a big fan of your capsules. I have my fall capsule put together and I’m already making good use of it. I also did a capsule for my husband for the first time and I must say it makes an amazing difference. He just looks a little bit more put together. So here’s what I’m wondering, after reading your mad about plaid blog I’m wondering do you just add another piece in like a plaid shirt or plaid scarf or is that something that I should have put in the capsule to begin with and included in my 20 pieces?

  2. Hi Lynette,

    The items in posts like these are optional for your capsule wardrobe. They are for adding accent pieces to your capsule.


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