What I Wore At Callaway Gardens (Trendy Wednesday #151)

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This past weekend, my husband and I went on a trip to Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia.  Since my daughter was gone on a trip with her dad’s side of the family in Gatlinburg, it was the perfect time for my husband and I to get away for a few days.  I had been to Callaway Gardens about 10 years ago, but my husband had never been.  It took us about 2 1/2 hours to get there, but it was a nice, enjoyable drive.  To get there, we drove on highways, passing farmland, rolling hills and old farmhouses.  We saw at least 30 old farmhouses and barns on the way!

Today, I’m sharing what I wore on our weekend getaway, plus some highlights of our trip in Callaway Gardens, including a visit to Franklin Roosevelt’s Little White House in Warm Springs Georgia.  Everything I wore the weekend is in my Winter capsule wardrobe.  It took me just minutes to pack!  I picked a few tops and bottoms in mostly neutral colors that would coordinate well with one another.  I packed my herringbone down vest, a neutral scarf and a beanie to keep warm.  I also brought along my down puffer coat, but I kept warm enough by wearing my vest.

Here’s what I wore on the first day: relaxed pointelle sweater (similar, similar), black jeans, herringbone vest, black boots, gold filigree necklace and Michael Kors Mercer medium bag.  Excuse the pale, no makeup look.  It was late in the afternoon and I didn’t touch up my makeup nor put on any lipstick for these photos, oops!

What I Wore At Callaway Gardens

What I Wore At Callaway Gardens 2

What I Wore At Callaway Gardens 3

Callaway Gardens outfit 1

Outfit Details:

relaxed pointelle sweater, sold out at Loft (similar, similar) (plus-size option)
herringbone down vest (plus-size option)
gold filigree necklace
black jeans (plus-size option)
Michael Kors Mercer medium bag
tall black boots

In case you are interested in visiting Callaway Gardens, it is southwest of Atlanta, Georgia.  In the Winter, you are limited to outside activities because of the cold weather, but it’s still a nice getaway and they do have a few inside activities.  During the Christmas season, they have a display of Christmas lights that is worth seeing!  In the warmer months, they have plenty to do.  They have a beach area, gardens and walking trails, a golf course, biking, a butterfly center, an art museum, a birds of prey show, and lots of other things to do.  We plan to go back either in the Spring or Summer.

We arrived Saturday afternoon and checked in.  We took our luggage to our spacious room at the Lodge.

Callaway Gardens - our room

We made dinner reservations at the Piedmont Dining Room, which was in the Lodge.  We ate the dinner buffet, which included prime rib, grilled trout, chicken, potatoes, sauteed vegetables, and much more.  They had a table full of desserts.  Since my husband and I are eating healthy now, it was a treat to eat just a little bit of sweets.  After dinner, we stepped into Cason’s Tap Room and each had a glass of Callaway’s signature Cabernet Sauvignon wine, which we enjoyed.

The next morning, we ate the breakfast buffet in the Piedmont Dining Room.  Then, we traveled 25 minutes to Warm Springs, Georgia to visit Franklin Roosevelt’s Little White House.  I’ve always admired both Franklin and Theodore Roosevelt as past presidents so I was excited to see the Little White House.  We toured the museum in front, which had many of his things on display, like his wheelchair, his car which had the pedals installed in the steering wheel so he could drive, a section devoted to his “fireside chats” and many other artifacts.

Here’s what I wore on Day 2: pink v-neck sweater, silver druzy necklace, silver druzy earrings, gray jeanstall black boots and Michael Kors Mercer medium bag.

Callaway Gardens outfit 2

Outfit Details:

pink v-neck sweater (plus-size option)
gray jeans (plus-size option)
silver druzy necklace
silver druzy earrings
tall black boots
Michael Kors Mercer medium bag

FDR Little White House Museum

FDR Little White House museum 2

After we toured the museum, we walked out back and toured the Little White House.

FDR Little White House

When we finished touring the Little White House, we were hungry.  I looked on the Yelp app on my phone and saw that the reviews for the Bulloch House Restaurant were excellent, so we headed there to eat lunch.  According to the history, the house was built in the late 1800’s and was converted to a restaurant in the 1990’s.  We had to wait 30 minutes to be seated, but it was worth it.  They had a buffet of all Southern comfort food and it was absolutely delicious.

We went back to Callaway Gardens and visited the Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center.  It’s a glass-enclosed environment that has a variety of tropical plants and several species of butterflies flying about.  After being outside most of the day, it was nice to be in the warm greenhouse-type environment!

Callaway Gardens Butterfly Center

Here’s a collage of photos of the inside of the butterfly center:

Cecil B Day Butterfly Center

We went to the Callaway Discover Center which is the visitor center of Callaway Gardens.  This is the view of the back overlooking the lake:

Callaway Gardens Discovery Center

They have a gift shop, a cafe, a small theater that plays a film about the gardens and an exhibit hall that features nature art of Athos Menaboni.  We visited the exhibit of his beautiful paintings and sculptures.

Callaway Gardens art exhibit

We went back to the Lodge, rested a bit, then that evening ate a light dinner at Cason’s Tap Room.  For an appetizer, we ordered the Charcuterie Board, which included several meats, cheeses, nuts, pickles, bread and jam.  We liked the wine so much the night before, we ordered a glass each of the Callaway Cabernet Sauvignon again.  Oh my gosh the meat and cheese tray and wine was divine!  My husband ordered the Monterey Grilled Chicken and Avacado sandwich and I ordered the Angus Cheese Burger.  The meal was delicious!

The next morning we ate the breakfast at the Piedmont Dining Room again.  We slept in and arrived at breakfast a bit late, but everything was good.  We each had an omelet at the omelet bar, along with toast, their signature grits (which you can order from their website) and fruit.

On the day we were leaving I wore my black and white striped top, initial necklace, gray cardigan (similar), skinny jeanstall black boots and Michael Kors Mercer medium bag.

Callaway Gardens outfit 3

Outfit Details:

striped top (plus-size option)
gray cardigan (similar) (plus-size option)
initial necklace
skinny jeans (plus-size option)
tall black boots
Michael Kors Mercer medium bag





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  1. Leanne,
    I always enjoy these posts and your suggestions for wardrobe. I love the idea of a “pick-up” packing wardrobe that one just chooses from the capsule and tosses into a weekender for a quick get-a-way, too! Life’s good when a get-a-way is in the cards!!!
    Thank you for the joy you bring!!!

  2. How fun! I’ve been to Callaway gardens but I’ve never stayed there. My sister and brother in law used to be stationed at Ft. Benning in Colubus and they hosted their daughter’s birthday swim party, so we were in and out. Love the vest by the way!

  3. Thank you for the pictures. Don’t worry about the no lipstick – you looked great! Like all your outfit choices, and the lodge is lovely. I’ve been eyeing the pearl grey MK purse. You looked fab carrying it, I’m sold!

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