1 Base, 10 Outfits: How To Style A Tee, Wide Leg Jeans & Outerwear For Mild Winter Climates


A white tee and black jeans are just a couple of basics in our closets, but are essential when it comes to having a functional wardrobe. To get the most out of our wardrobes, we need to have several basic essentials in neutral colors that we can use as foundation pieces to create our outfits.

In today’s post, I am sharing how to style a tee and jeans with lightweight layers for mild winter climates. Many of you who live in places like Florida, Arizona and California and have requested me to style a few outfits with light layers. If you live in areas like this where the weather is mild, you rarely feel cold temps and don’t need a wool coat in your closet, but instead have cardigans, blazers and other light layers in your closet.


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Outfit 1

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Outfit 2

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Outfit 3

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Outfit 4

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Outfit 5

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Outfit 6

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Outfit 7

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Outfit 8

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Outfit 9

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Outfit 10

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  1. Thank you for this post! I’ve struggled a bit with my Florida winter wardrobe (all those beautiful heavy sweaters are just hanging in my closet 😢). I love that you used the same base and switched out all the 3rd pieces and accessories. Gave me a ton of ideas. I will be ordering the sling back loafers in outfit 4 and another pair or two of jeans. One thing I’ve found wearable that I never saw a need for before, is the short sleeved sweater. Perfect for those days in the 70s.

  2. Outfit number 2. I will wear today! Chilly weather this week for Florida…..I have just about every piece in this post! They all look classy and put together. Thanks for keeping us all looking good!❤️

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