Create a Mixable Wardrobe On a Budget Series: Part 3 “Adding Patterns & Color”

The “Create a Mixable Wardrobe On a Budget” Series
Learn how to create a classic wardrobe within your budget!

Mixable Wardrobe On a Budget Part 3 Add Patterns and Color


What is a “Mixable Wardrobe”?  It’s interchangeable pieces that can be mixed with each other to create many outfits.  What is the best way to pull an outfit together?  With accessories!  Find out where to buy quality accessories within your budget, which accessories you need for a mixable wardrobe and get styling tips on how to wear them.


To start at the beginning of this series,
reference Create a Mixable Wardrobe On a Budget: Part 1 “The Starter Kit”

Then, see which must-have accessories to add to your wardrobe with Part 2: “Accessories”


Part 3: “Adding Patterns & Color”

Adding a pattern to an outfit makes a plain outfit interesting!  Instead of wearing just a plain black skirt and white top, add a windowpane scarf or a colorful handbag.  Here are some popular patterns and color I recommend to make your outfit go from “drab” to “fab”!



Plaid Scarves and Ponchos


Plaid scarves and ponchos are trending now!  Plaid is probably the most popular pattern right now, especially on Instagram!


Don’t miss out on these:

Plaid Shirts

Plaid shirts have been popular since last year.  They can be worn by themselves in Fall or add a utility vest or blazer when the weather turns cool.  In Winter, wear them under a sweater.  They look great with pair of white jeans and nude heels in Spring.  Buy one plaid shirt and you’ll get your money’s worth by wearing it in many outfits!
See these popular plaid shirts!


Stripes have been a popular pattern for several years.  They look great even with other patterns such as plaid and leopard.  Here are several striped dresses, striped tees and scarves.


Windowpane is similar to plaid, but is a more wide pattern.  It’s typically a black and white color.  This pattern looks great by wearing it with just solid colors, looks great with other patterns and also colored pieces, such as a solid color cardigan or colored pants or jeans.

Patterned Bags

Patterned bags make an outfit pop!  They can instantly dress up a casual outfit.  Here are several patterned bags that would be great for a classic, mixable wardrobe, including several leopard bags!

Colored Bags

Colored bags look great with virtually any outfit!  They mix well patterns too, especially patterns that have the same color.  I love the color pink and I love these pink bags!
Where To Get Style Inspiration!
There’s several ways to get fashion inspiration and you don’t have to spend a dime!  Are you looking for ideas on how to wear different accessory combinations?  Check out these sources for great style inspiration:
The Instagram App or



Classy Yet Trendy



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